History of Lhanbryde Primary School


Educational establishments were first mentioned in 1742 with a Parish School in Langbride tutoring 30 scholars, 16 being taught Latin and 14 English. It is possible the school had been in existence for many years as it was described as being "in bad repair".

There are mention of many schoolmasters over the years, but one William McPherson appointed in 1744 went absent from his duties for several months during 1746. It is thought he may have been involved in the Jacobite Rebellion.

Ninety years later a parochial school in Lhanbryde had 61 pupils and another day school with 23 pupils. The subjects being taught included English, English Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, Mathematics and Book-keeping, with the Latin, Greek and French languages.


By the middle of the nineteenth century the village had expanded along its single main street and became the most important settlement in the parish. Merchants and tradesmen set up their businesses, and along the Lhanbryde burn several mills were built, making the village less dependant on the Burgh of Elgin, some four miles away. During the twentieth century further expansion took place with new roads and housing estates being built to accommodate the ever increasing population now standing at just over 2000, with the Primary School and the recently expanded Community Centre involved as learning centres and for access to public agencies.


This picture shows the 1960's school building which stood in the area of the present staff car park. It was on two levels and had a large hall with stage and drame facilities. There was also a separate canteen.






In the 1980's there was and Infantnfant and Nursery extension to the back of the building which created a school courtyard and garden area in the centre of the school.




The present school is built on the site of the previous 1960's building which was knocked down in 1997 to make way for our brand new open plan building. It was built by local firm Robertson construction.




                                                     Foundations laid for the Hall and Canteen area.



                                 Looking from the canteen area down towards the main teaching area.



                                                     Looking at the Nursery and P.1 an d2 class areas.



                                                                        The Hall under construction.



                                  Ventiation tubes being installed above the centre of the teaching areas.



                                                                  Looking at the P.1 and 2 classes.



                            Standing in the library area, looking down towards the infant end of the school.



                                                                      The Nursery area being built.













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